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"Dance is the hidden language of the soul." - Martha Graham

Kathak Instructor at GuruKool Enrichment Center

Moumita Banerjee received her Master of Performing Arts degree in Kathak dance (Lucknow Gharana) from Bhatkhande Music University, Lucknow and earned Bachelor of Music degree from Benaras University (BHU), one of the largest and prestigious universities in India as well as in Asia.

Kathak, on of the classical Indian dance forms of Northern India,  has varied influences, ranging from the ancient Kathakars, or traveling storytellers, to the court dancers from the Mughal era. It melds the unique act of expressional storytelling with the crisp technique of footwork, rapid circles and swift movements.

Moumita is passionate about dance and finds joy in expressing herself through music and movement. She has been a performer for over 15 years and enjoys teaching this beautiful dance form to her students. She is also the founder of Tarana School of Kathak.

Class Description


​Kathak students will start with the the basic technique of Kathak such as- Lay, Teental (16 beats), Namaskar, Tatkar (footwork), Hand movementChaal (stylized way of walking), Chakra (spin), Abhinaya (acting) through Gatnikas and Gat Bhava, and Bols (composition) like-Toda, Tukda, Amad, Salami and Paran.

As students learn more complicated repertoire, they will be expected to perform in different Tals. Also, they will increase focus on expression and Abhinaya (acting) through Vandana, Bhajan, Thumri, tarana, Gat Bhav, Kabit etc. Performance participation is encouraged during periodic intervals.

Recitals will be held at the end of each semester. Annual certification exams will be held and students have the opportunity to reach different levels of learning Kathak.

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